Amsterdam favorites

Amsterdam is definitely one of my favorite cities, because wherever you get lost, you’ll always find something beautiful to discover. I would love to share my favorites in Amsterdam which are absolutely worth visiting.

❥I always love to have my morning coffee and breakfast at Ree 7 or at Pluk Amsterdam, both located in the pretty 9 streets. Beside the delicious and healthy food they also have the most adorable interior. The owner of both lunchrooms is Iris Zeilstra, who also owns restaurant the Luwte.

❥ The new Chanel store located in the PC. Hooftstraat is such a magical place made out of glass. The outside of the store is already fascinating, but when you go inside it is even more amazing with a collection full of classics. When I visit the PC. Hooftstraat I also love to visit ST. Studio.

 ❥”The Cold Pressed Juicery was founded with a spirited heart and an ambitious goal – to offer the purest, cold pressed juices, delicious superfood smoothies and nutritious food that help towards a happier mind, body, and soul, while leading the way for socially-conscious initiatives”. The Cold Pressed Juicery can be found at Herengracht 245.

❥ Louise Boutique is a small boutique in the Hazenstraat ” It’s all about contrast. Although age is nothing but a number, it can stand out when measured up against experience, drive and the knowledge of the right fabrics in co-existence with unique classical inspired designs. In the case of Liz Louise it is this combination which produces unique quality and is the essence of her label (”

❥Marie-Stella-Maris is an Amsterdam-based brand that offers natural care products and natural mineral water. The best part of Marie-Stella-Maris is; they donate a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide for each product you purchase.

Love, Sophie


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  1. LARA ROSE says:

    Looks great! So nice that you love my city!


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  2. Anna Lorena says:

    Absolutely loved Amsterdam when I’ve been there. There’s something special about it 🙂

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  3. Tiffany Lea says:

    Love the photos. great post ! xxx v

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  4. Ellen says:

    Leuke stad hè Sophie!

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